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Col De F

I had a great time at your workshop, I found it very informative & invigorating.

The three days were great I think by the third day things were really sinking in.
I think the third day goes a long way towards retaining the info that you absorb throughout the first two days.
The guest speakers were not only extremely motivated & well versed in their particular
roles of the entertainment industry but also reiterated what you & each other had said.
I now look at each movie & script in a totally different & far more informed perspective.
Thank you.



I really enjoyed the workshop I had a blast and learnt so much stuff. Alot of my training has been to do with theatre and stage and so I havent had much to do with film and camera so it was a great help and the guests were fantastic.

Well worth it.

Thank You


Thank you for your time and wise words through the course .
I appreciate and can only describe in words the inspiration and loads of advice I have been given.Since your class I feel that I have more confidence to take bigger risks in my work and really reveal who I am and what I do best.
Behind the camera and on the set was very helpful too….

So thank you.


Hey Mark!
thanks for the workshop on the weekend, I had a great time!
It was all very interesting and I learnt so much from you and Bruce. I thought is was great how you let us have a go of operating the cameras and directing too.
You’ve inspired me to want to buy a video camera of my own, so i can continue practising scenes with my friends at home. The first thing i asked my mum as soon as i arrived home was “can i get a video camera for my birthday!” ….soo thats another thing added to my birthday list! hehe 
I’ve come out of this workshop with a much better understanding of acting and also met some lovely people too, which is a bonus!
I’ll definatley consider attending another one of your workshops in the future 
I really enjoyed working with you over the weekend.

Thanks heaps x

Nicole B. 

Dear Mark,

I want to thank you again for your time and attention on the weekend. I am particularly grateful that, after I asked you to push me, that you did. I am at the stage with my career that I will not settle for anything less than my best (at the time) and it was extremely beneficial that you realised that. It was also great to have the opportunity to work with Sam so that I could experience different directing styles (although, as you said, your styles are quiet similiar). The workshop has helped me to develop more confidence in film acting and your supportive, detailed and constructive approach was just what I needed.

Also, It was lovely to talk to someone who is (still) so passionate about their art and the future of the industry. There are lots of very jaded people I’ve met in recent years, I like that you are so proactive.

Please keep me on your mailing list. I am intending to move to Sydney in July and would love to hear of any upcoming courses.

Please find attached my resume and headshot. And, for the record, I can drive a car and have never hit anyone, although there are times I’ve wanted to hit my brother:)

Best Wishes

Holly B. 

Hi Mark,

I just want to say THANK YOU for being you.. ha ha. I had a really good time at the workshop and felt that your relaxed, open and directive approach worked well with me. I also enjoyed getting to know the other inspiring actors and their views/ experiences in the industry. I have come home totally pumped and spent most of my free time researching and applying for roles. I can now see my vision a lot clearer and I’m determined to continue this path until I have reached my desired outcome. So thank you again, and I hope that sometime in the future I will get the opportunity to work with you as I felt we got along well.


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